Learn How To Make Affiliate Marketing Money – iAmAffiliate Forum Review 2021

Learning how to make money with affiliate marketing is tough. There’s too many scams out there, and endless ‘wrong roads’ to take. That’s why iAmAttila created an online learning community where he and other super affiliates teach affiliate marketing 1 on 1. This review is about iAmAffiliate forum, one of the top affiliate marketing schools online when it comes to PPC advertising.

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Affiliate marketing has gained incredible popularity in the past few years. Famous affiliates from all around the world promoted the industry as the next big thing. And so far they were right. Those who got in early profited heavily off the emerging industry. For those who waited the story is a bit different. Even though there are more than enough sources to make some money from the industry, the problem is knowledge and skill. What do we mean by this? Well, simple. Those affiliates who started a few years ago, now have years of experience in the space while the newcomers have to start from zero and compete with these highly skilled individuals. This is a recipe for disaster for the smaller newcomers as affiliate marketing isn’t the cheapest industry to get into. 

This problem caused the rise of specialized forums and blogs that cover affiliate marketing in detail. These blogs and forums allow people to learn the basics, improve to become self-sufficient, and in the end master the skill they are trying to learn. One of the biggest things that came out of this gold rush of sorts is affiliate marketing forums like the one we will cover today – iAmAffiliate. First, let’s get to the basics and explain everything!

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing where people (affiliates) advertise products that they do not own, for a third party and get a commission off of each sale. This concept might sound weird, but it is surprisingly simple and useful for both parties. Companies make products that they want to sell. Most companies are great at producing but not so great at selling their products. This is where affiliates come in. They create complex advertising campaigns for these products in which they focus their time and energy to try and sell these products or services. After a sale or conversion is successful the company pays the affiliate a percentage of the sale and thus they both make money. The company through sales and the affiliates through commission. 

Why should companies do this? Well, affiliates are professionals at advertising, so most companies would rather prefer them to do what they do best and move large quantities of the product. Even though they pay affiliates a percentage, it is still far cheaper than to pay for a big marketing company to advertise it. 

Affiliates on the other hand love this since their role is limited to advertising only. What that means is that they only have to try and sell the product. They don’t have any inventory at all, they don’t have to deal with customer support, returns, shipments, or anything. Only the ads. Also, they make a killing with the commissions and I doubt they would like a change in the business model. 

So this affiliate marketing thing is a win-win situation for both parties. No wonder that it is gaining in popularity as much as it is. 

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Is Affiliate Marketing Worth Getting Into Nowadays?

Some people love saying that the gold days of affiliate marketing are over. They quote insane competition and the increasing difficulty of learning the basics if you are new to the game. But like most things in life, these concerns are highly overblown. 

First of all the competition. Yes, there are a lot of people doing affiliate marketing currently but most of these people are pretty bad at competing at anything. Most of them are amateurs that are not quite sure what they are supposed to be doing. This results in a competition that fails easily and is not difficult to beat for the average informed affiliate. The analogy to this would be grown-up fighting against a bunch of kids. If you have any measurable skills you will already be in the top 10% of affiliates. 

The second common issue is the ease of access. Yes, affiliate marketing is notoriously difficult to get into. The things you need to do and the ways you need to approach things are often vague. Most great affiliates aren’t interested in sharing their knowledge so the newcomers have to try and learn everything themselves through trial and error. This might sound like something they can do, but in reality, they will fail a couple of times and just give up. Nobody has infinite time and money to waste so people tend to try for a bit and if it doesn’t work they try something else. Can’t blame them, but this can all be circumvented pretty easily. The solution is simple, you need to learn from people that already know what they are doing!

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How Can I Learn Affiliate Marketing?

Luckily for affiliates who want to learn, there are more than enough places where they can get info. One of the first things they can do is check out YouTube. There are a lot of affiliates trying to teach others how to get going. The only problem with this is that most of these YouTube affiliates are pushing their agenda. They funnel you into certain directions where you won’t be competing against them. Some of these affiliate marketing channels are just straight-up scams with no valuable knowledge. Finding the right ones will take you some time but it is not impossible. YouTube can teach you a lot, but there is a problem. YouTube is a one-way information platform. This means that the creator of the videos gives out information in one way, and you can’t ask questions or talk to them any deeper due to the platform limitations. This can be partially solved through comments and third-party apps, but most big channels just can’t afford to spend the time on such things. 

Another place where potential affiliates can learn a lot about the industry is dedicated specialized blogs. These blogs usually offer incredible insight and detailed guides on how to become someone in the industry. There are a lot of popular ones like the blogs from ahrefs, Neil Patel, CharlesNGO, iAmAttila, and many others. These blogs can help you understand some basics and advanced concepts that these affiliates use daily. But similar to YouTube videos, they are mostly used for directly learning something the author wanted to teach you, without the easy possibility of asking questions and getting other valuable information. 

This leaves with the last potential solution. Affiliate marketing forums. Just like blogs and videos, authors can easily teach you concepts that you should know as an affiliate. But unlike the rest, forum posts have one key difference. They are made for interaction. You can ask anything within the forum and people will respond with the proper information. They can also link or post blogs and videos inside of the forums which negate the need for the former two forms. Affiliate marketing forums are heavily focused on helping people and making them improve their skills and knowledge. More and more people are flocking to these forums each day, and with them, the collective knowledge expands and makes affiliates much better at what they do. 

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Why Would I Pay for Affiliate Marketing Forum Access?

If you researched some affiliate marketing forums you probably noticed that there are free as well as paid forums. But what is the difference, and why would any affiliate pay for forum access when they can get it for free?

This is quite an easy question to answer. Free forums are mostly catered to absolute beginners. There people who want to start affiliate marketing flock as they probably don’t have the money to pay for premium forum access. This means that most free places have a large user base. Large user bases mean more info and knowledge, right? Well, wrong. It all depends on what kind of users make up the user base. In the case of free affiliate marketing forums, it is almost completely amateurs and beginners. While they can have some valuable knowledge, they mostly don’t have any advanced things that you can learn from them. 

Professional affiliates realized this early on, so they decided to split off and join more premium forums where they can learn things from their peers.  This caused a massive migration of mid-tier and expert affiliates to premium forums. The thing is, any affiliate that knows the basics quickly finds the free forums a waste of time. The real money-making tips are usually with the pro affiliates, so people flock to these premium forums to learn advanced tactics and tricks. 

The price of these premium forums can be a deterrent to beginner affiliates, but those who join any of the premium forums, know that this isn’t the case. With the knowledge gained on the forums, people can earn ten or a hundred times their investment. So in all reality, the price of admission is zero. You have everything to gain, and nothing to lose by joining these forums. 

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What Makes iAmAffiliate a Great Choice?

iAmAffiliate is one of the most famous premium affiliate marketing forums online. It was made by the famous super-affiliate iAmAttila as a way to help newcomers and pros improve and form a community together. The forum is made to help anyone that has aspirations to become an online marketer, no matter his or her skill level. This puts iAmAffiliate in an incredible position. Its active community consists of newcomers and professionals alike. This unique mix helps the forum stay active and thriving with a variety of incredible topics. 

iAmAffiliate team realized early on that the steep price forums like MadSociety, STM Forum ask for is just too much for most beginners (they charge $99/month!) since every cent counts! You need hosting, a tracker like RedTrack Voluum, designs made, etc… That’s why they decided to keep the membership price highly competitive and affordable to anyone. Even if beginners don’t have enough money to subscribe to the forum each month, they surely can have enough for at least a month or two and learn from these months to improve and earn their investment back and make some serious cash. 

This pricing policy leads to the forum being incredibly active. Beginners learn from others and improve their skills, while the pros share tactics and strategies. It all works incredibly together. No matter when you ask a question, you can expect a swift and detailed answer from affiliates of varying knowledge. The combination of these affiliates can give you incredible insight into the industry and how things work. 

There are detailed beginner, intermediate, and expert guides that users can follow and profit from. These guides can cost a couple of thousand on the free market, but they are included for free inside the forum. You even have access to iAmAttilas eBooks and official guides that are worth multiple prices of admission by themselves alone. 

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Inside The iAmAffiliate Premium Forum

When you join the forum, you will be greeted by the friendly and easy-to-use UI. On the top, you’ll find the top 10 active topics so you can see what is currently trending/popular. This is the section you should always check out first as it can host some incredible discussions that are currently active. 

The next section you will see is the community tab. No forum can function properly without an active community, so it’s no wonder they put it so close to the top. Here you can introduce yourself if you are a newcomer. Read important updates, announcements, or request new features. Talk about off-topic subjects (basically, anything you want to talk about). Or check out incredible promotions and discounts that are exclusive for the members of the forum. 

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Continuing, you will stumble upon the knowledge base. As the title might suggest, it is the place where affiliates share their vast knowledge with others. This is also the place where affiliates can check out iAmAttilas incredible guides on paid traffic, Facebook campaigns, spy tools, and much more. These eBook guides are some of the best guides you can find on the web. You will also find exclusive guides and information on how to start your campaigns, run them and optimize them properly. Q&A’s, industry news, weekly spy sessions, tips & tricks, and a lot more can also be found within this section. 

iamaffiliate review

If you continue scrolling, you will find the section that will turn amateurs into experts. This section is called how-to guides & case studies. This is the section that hosts incredible how-to guides, case studies, and guides on chatbots, dropshipping, and gray/BH campaigns. You can even find a subsection dedicated to vendors. The forum truly is a space for everything. ANd the community shows it. No forum has experienced as fast growth as iAmAffiliate has. It started with the info that iAmAttila started his forum, but now the forums are as famous as he is. 

The forums are also very focused on interaction inside the community. This makes people talk with each other and make friends and partnerships. Even though affiliate marketing is considered to be a solo, competitive job, it doesn’t have to be. Affiliates that join together usually have far better success. Many members of iAmAffiliate found their business partners on the forums, and many millions were made with the knowledge gained on the forums. 

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Final Words on iAmAffiliate

iAmAffiliate is an incredible premium affiliate marketing forum that will improve your skills and knowledge incredibly in a short period. There are thousands of topics and posts that are full of detailed information about all parts of the affiliate marketing business. Even if you can’t find the info you need, you can simply ask the community and you will quickly get the answer. 

The price of iAmAffiliate is also a big talking point. Unlike other premium forums that charge over $100, iAmAffiliate costs a modest $49.95 a month. This price is enough to leave trolls and total noobs out of the forum and prevent spam while being affordable enough for anyone interested in the forum itself. 

Exper affiliates like iAmAttila usually charge around $2000 an hour for one on one tutoring, but within the forum, you can get it for free. Super affiliates like Attila are always responding and interacting with the community, and their input can sometimes be incredibly valuable. 

No matter if you are a super affiliate or a complete beginner, the iAmAffiliate forums have something that you can learn. It can guide you through your whole journey of learning and improving in the affiliate marketing industry.

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  • Posts and e-Books can be accessed directly
  • Detailed guides and follow along campaigns
  • An unrivaled amount of information that is readily available
  • Make friends with people who are similar to you
  • Meet the world’s most popular affiliates and hear how they got there
  • You’ll find everything you need to go from beginner to expert in a matter of months
  • A lively and active forum and community
  • Incredible value for money


  • Not useful for people who don’t want to work 
  • The search option is sometimes hard to use

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