iamAffiliate Review: Is this Marketing Platform Worth Your Money?

If you are here reading through the review of a popular affiliate marketing website, you are an aspiring marketer or a business owner. To have a detailed review of a platform alone could be considered a privilege. These forums are undoubtedly one of the best places for affiliates to share and learn their skills and experiences. iamAffiliate is one highly efficient virtual forum helping the aspirants gain knowledge through the guides, directories, and collaborations with a group of affiliates. Many of these experts are on the platform to assist you in answering the questions.


Founded by iAmAttila, iAmAffiliate is a popular affiliate marketer that has grown over the years through several milestones, with the current number of users hitting the milestone value of 1,000. If you are into affiliate marketing, you must consider opting for this forum’s offerings to learn more about the various applications. Let us look at the good and underwhelming aspects of this forum so that you can decide whether to sign up for their services or not.

Reasons to Join iAmAffiliate

·  The Tutorials

Every new affiliate marketer will benefit from this forum because it offers a step-by-step guide to the working of the system. By learning these fundamentals, these marketers can also understand the advanced techniques to use at various junctures of a deal. Video explanations and screenshots are included in these tutorials.

· Case Studies

A million dollars were generated in profit through the campaigns hosted by the team. Plenty of case studies were also involved in this process.

·  Tracking of Progress

With iAmAffiliate, the marketers can begin their journey and continue with it at their own pace. The forum will follow your progress to guide you through each stage.

Inside the Forum

As soon as you sign up for the services of this forum, you will learn about the campaigns and their working structure. This will help you understand the right way to start a campaign. Finding the winning advertisements for validated deals and goods also becomes easier, with the scaling possibilities improved over time. You must join iAmAffiliate if you are a marketer of every ability level. This shared community helps people interact with each other to talk about their current works. iAmAffiliate can be a great support to marketers who want to update themselves with the changing technologies for collaborative prospects.

Unique Features of iAmAffiliate

One of the special features of iAmAffiliate is that it is constantly updated, whereas many other websites are left to revel in their outdated working systems. Obsolete tactics are not promoted on this forum, thereby helping the new marketers to understand the right techniques for every niche or traffic source. Real-time approaches and tricks are also provided by iAmAffiliate to prevent the marketers from landing on the worst decisions for their account.

You can register to the platform for $49.95/month for individual member access. Monthly plans and annual plans are available on iAmAffiliate. If a company is using the same account, go for the $99.95/month package.

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